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I was standing behind my colleague, trying to follow what she was doing. I still didn’t have my accounts or rights, so all I could do was looking at what people did and trying to remember it for the time I might do it as well.
Then the colleague to the left moaned to herself. We looked at her.

C1: “Can you tell me how I am supposed to log this?”
We looked at her screen, a request form was opened there, filled out with all necessary things but nothing else. No contact address, no phone number, no email of the requester. Just one line of text.
My colleagues started bitching a bit in Polish until I asked: “Uhm, do you really need a signed request form to get someone to explain you something?”

They looked at it again, the text of the form read: “please send someone from the Lotus Notes team so he can explain a few things to me”

C2: “Well, I guess she won’t actually get someone to come from Kazan to Munich. That would be a bit over the top.”
Me: “Kazan?”
C2: “Yup, nice city in Russia. That’s where the team has been outsourced to. We never heard of it before, but it is pretty big. But anyway, it’s a bit far away to just come over and answer some questions.”
C1: “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

She pointed at the screen.

C1: “Her boss signed it, and we got a valid billing address.”
So, after a bit of discussion we sent it on to the next department, and they signed it too.
Right now it is in Russia, and people there can decide whether they want to send someone to Germany. To explain a few things about using Lotus Notes.

Picture: Kazan by night, by Andrij Bulba under creative commons


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October 11, 2010 at 7:07 pm

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Crawl before you walk

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In my last job I was thrown into actual work within my first hour there. It’s not like I am adverse to working, but I found that a bit harsh. Other jobs before gave me at least the time to listen in to some of the guided tours I was supposed to conduct afterwards, but my interviewer job had me call people I did not know about a subject I didn’t know anything about just after I started.
This time it’s  a bit different. I am supposed to help people about some computer problems and for that I have to learn how to do that. Unfortunately that also means I am sitting around doing pretty much nothing, reading all those documents they have describing all those various things they are doing, and listening in to some calls, when there are calls.
I was bored out of my mind yesterday, and that was only my second day. The other German there told me there would be another 2 months of that.
Oh joy.
Not that I am willing to start working on that so fast, we are servicing a rather big bank, and if anything goes wrong in that business the shit is going to hit the fan pretty quickly. Better to learn to walk first.

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September 15, 2010 at 10:34 am

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