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It is evening. I am sitting in my kitchen (still mine!), listen to the dishwasher sploshing about, the cracking of the coffee maker (why does it DO that?!), and I wonder what I brought upon myself.
In three days I will move to another country. For love of course (what else?). But I don’t speak the language, I don’t have a good job waiting there for me (at least I do have one though), and I hate leaving here.
I would hate leaving here anyway, and there was nearly no chance to get a job in this area. Not with my liberal arts degree. I would have had to leave anyway.

I tell that to myself all the time.

Now I am moving to Poland to work in customer support for a computer company. I have the strong suspicion that no matter what I would have done during that interview they might have looked on me favorable. Try to find a native German willing to move into this town.
It is one of these town. One of those everybody only moves out of I guess. Second largest city in the country and nobody abroad even knows the name.
I just had the idea to write down stuff. Also to write at all. I used to do that a lot when blogging was all the rage and everybody seemed to start a new blog on every corner in this mudhole. Another blog about how they would like to cut themselves and how much they hated the world and wanted to die. Or another one about how bad politicians fucked up again. For some reason they all seem to fit into one or another cliche. So this is more of an afterthought. Let’s put down how mess up my life this time. Do I sound a bit too negative?
Sorry, but I am really tired. And I have been tired for a long time now.


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September 8, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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