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Review: Da Grasso

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Note: This post is the first one of a series. I was ordering out a lot, and trying new restaurants whenever I had the chance. After all I am now living in a big city (Łódż, Poland), and I want to know where I do enjoy food the best. On the other hand I hardly am the best food critic, a lot of the articles I wrote so far are about those typical places where we ordered food for work. But if you are an expat working here this might actually help you find something to eat. God, I feel so altruistic right now…

Poles love restaurant chains. The reason for that is simple: They trust them.
It’s easier to estimate the quality of the food if you know the chain already, or if the franchise is so successful they actually do have more than one location. Small, single restaurants might be good, they might provide the perfect delight for your tongue, but they also might be horrible cheapskates with bad sanitation and appropriate taste. Many Poles have been burned by restaurants like that and, like the proverbial child, now are unwilling to try new places. The problem isn’t there as much nowadays as it was in the 90s when new restaurants sprouted like mushrooms through Poland, but the mindset still lingers around.
In communist times there were hardly any at all. Most in Łódż actually got pushed into ulica Piotrkowska. The street was supposed to become the bad part of town due to this, a sort of entertainment ghetto, but just ended up concentrating all the restaurants and pubs (both good and bad) into one place. Albeit a very long one. And after communism fell, well, why open places in other parts when everybody was going to Piotrkowska anyway?

One pizzeria that obviously was good and successful enough to open up more restaurants was Da Grasso, a fact that is evidenced by their delivery-time even outside the main hours. Even if the place is just across the street waiting times at any time can be up to 2 hours. 

On the other hand they are cheap. At least if I compare them to Germany. “Welcome to Poland” my colleague commented that revelation. The typical Polish duże (large) pizza will be a bit over 20PLN (ca. 4€) and certainly be too much for a single person. My girlfried and me often order just one and still have leftovers for breakfast. The mało (small) one is of nearly similar size and price. In other countries it actually would be considered a fairly generous “large”.

This actually are the usual prices. In most cases it only gets lower than that.

One of my colleagues criticizes even the large DaGrasso ones for being too small. He prefers another place that delivers 50-60cm wide wagon wheel-like ones… 

So what do we get when ordering there? A rather large pizza, with comparatively few of the selected toppings, but tastefully arranged. The dough is softer and thicker than I normally like it, with a rather large rim. This is, as it turns out, not a bug but a feature. We also get two sauces, garlic and tomato, because when one orders pizza in Poland there always are sauces.
“I’m eating pizza, not any goddamn sauces.” foreigners quip nearly every single time they notice that. but then they still learn to love it. Sauces provide some extra flavor to the large pie, and something to dip the rim in once the topped part is gone. Which makes up for the lack of sauce and spices one sometimes encounters on the pie.

Anyway, Da Grasso makes hardly the best pizza I have ever eaten, but a very decent one. It basically is what I would describe as the most common denominator of pizza in this country. For the times one really wants pizza and one wants a lot of it, and one wants to be sure it won’t suck.

Location: multiple locations
Telephone: various numbers


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October 18, 2010 at 8:58 pm

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It is evening. I am sitting in my kitchen (still mine!), listen to the dishwasher sploshing about, the cracking of the coffee maker (why does it DO that?!), and I wonder what I brought upon myself.
In three days I will move to another country. For love of course (what else?). But I don’t speak the language, I don’t have a good job waiting there for me (at least I do have one though), and I hate leaving here.
I would hate leaving here anyway, and there was nearly no chance to get a job in this area. Not with my liberal arts degree. I would have had to leave anyway.

I tell that to myself all the time.

Now I am moving to Poland to work in customer support for a computer company. I have the strong suspicion that no matter what I would have done during that interview they might have looked on me favorable. Try to find a native German willing to move into this town.
It is one of these town. One of those everybody only moves out of I guess. Second largest city in the country and nobody abroad even knows the name.
I just had the idea to write down stuff. Also to write at all. I used to do that a lot when blogging was all the rage and everybody seemed to start a new blog on every corner in this mudhole. Another blog about how they would like to cut themselves and how much they hated the world and wanted to die. Or another one about how bad politicians fucked up again. For some reason they all seem to fit into one or another cliche. So this is more of an afterthought. Let’s put down how mess up my life this time. Do I sound a bit too negative?
Sorry, but I am really tired. And I have been tired for a long time now.

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September 8, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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