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Review: Tokyo Sushi Bar

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There is something wonderfully 90s about this place. This might be because that’s when it opened, and it did not really change that much in the last decade in any way but the amount of customers: A small sushi bar, with one of these nice, kitschy service systems: small boats go by in circles and you are supposed to get the right one from there at the right time. Increasingly frustrating if one does not manage to get it the first time, and then misses it the next few times as well.
It obviously was built for better times. So far I never saw these boats in proper action. We only ever got served in that boring, normal, safe way… on the other hand the sushi chef IS making the sushi right in front of you. Which adds quite a lot to the atmosphere.

Tokyo Bar has been upstaged the last few years by more high end Hana Sushi a few hundred meters further down the road, and by the newly opened Miko and House of Sushi, but it still remains one of the best (and cheaper) places to get your fix of nori and raw fish. The owners won awards for their sushi over time and it often has been called one of the best places for Japanese food in Poland. And that it still is. The prices are reasonable, the sushi is good and quick and tastes exactly how it should taste.

On the other hand we do not go back there for sushi alone. Sushi lately has been more of a secondary thing of this place, the real treat being something else on the menu: Okonomiyaki. Unfortunately quite unknown in the West this particular piece of Japanese cuisine tends to mystify both translators and recipients of Japanese media. Often simplified to be something like pizza-like “pancakes” these cabbage concoctions are what gets me back there every single time. Sometimes we would go over half the city just to have a plate of those in the evening and be happy. There is just nothing comparable to having a plate of maki before and then getting a still sizzling plate of these, bonito flakes shivering on top, and then washing it down with some cool beer afterwards. Yes I know, it should be sake, but if it fits so perfect, shouldn’t that be alright?
In any case, Tokyo Bar might not be the fanciest place to eat Japanese at in this city, but it is one of these places where I feel comfortable, and a place where a customer can get some really good food with that. It also is, quite noticeable, a perfect place for a romantic dinner by the way…

Location: TOKYO sushi-bar, Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska 126

Telephone: +48-42 636 26 66


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October 22, 2010 at 6:29 pm

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